Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wondering why Samantha's eyes are closed? She could hardly wait to eat the cookies and she said, "she's falling asleep because the cookies are taking too long to cook..".
Samantha's 3rd Lesson in baking was making Chocolate Chip Cookies. She was so excited helping me gather all the ingredients and the baking tools we needed. We prepared everything on the table and she set the oven to 375degrees F. We also decided to use the portable mixer so she could get used to handling a mixer.

The first time she handled the mixer, I told her "pretend you are the strongest girl on earth and control the mixer wherever you want it to go. Do not be afraid of it". Since then on, Samantha enjoys handling the mixer.

Our cookies came out so delicious and everyone enjoyed it. Although it was a little sweet to me, the cookie turned out rich and delicious. Using premium butter gives it a rich flavor. Just the way we wanted it.

All ovens are different. My advise to new bakers is to know your oven. My new oven is so strong that if you don't watch what you're doing, you'll end of having super golden brown cookies, or if you're roasting beef , you'll end up with a well done roast instead of medium rare.

I had to adjust my oven down to 300 degrees F to get the temperature to what was best to cook the cookies. Your oven might be different. Start with 375 degrees and adjust as you cook some batches.

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