Photos Taken by Ann Lodolini
This year, my birthday was spent at home with good friends and family feasted omdeliciously made Mexican Tamales.

There were different kinds: pork, chicken, beef, and sweet tamales with three kinds of sauces and condiments to compliment the very appetizing little sacks of filled "maize masa".

The little sacks made of corn husks with different fillings complimented the "Horchata", a rice flour drink and the "Tamarindo", a tamarind based drink.

I am grateful and thankful to God for a good year, for good friends and family, for good health and for the numerous blessings.

*Note: The birthday cake you see above was a gift from my nephew, Elijah Sugay. He actually gave two cakes, the Moisty Chocolate Cake (with photo above) and a Sans Rival Cake (no photo).

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