Ene's Blitz Torte

My sister, Ene, who lives in Los Angeles, sent me a pic of the cake she's been wanting to bake for their Thanksgiving dinner, the Blitz Torte. Today, she spent the afternoon baking the cake. I could not make the picture any bigger. I believe the pic was taken from a camera phone and was texted to my cell phone, which in turn, I sent to my email, so I could post it online. Anyway, here's the picture of the cake (above).

Happy Thanksgiving in advance my dear sis, in case I get so busy on thanksgiving day and I forget to greet you (like I always do). Regards to Scott (my bro-in-law), Sunshine and Alan Malapitan with their two sons, AJ (a talented musician) and John (the whiz kid), to Millette (how's the doctor?), and to Den-Den (sassy lady) and hubby Sal, and her beautiful daughter, Misha.

Happy thanksgiving to brothers Eddie Enriquez (from Manila) and JJ Enriquez (From Sydney), who are currently in L. A. visiting their bother, Scott and his family.

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