Surprise Lunch Date

                                                    Photos Taken by Christina Kho

It was a surprise when my daughter came home at noon today. Normally she comes home late in the evening staying at the school lab working on her projects. Looking starved and tired ( she has been sick with a bad cold), I offered to cook her a meal.

Lately, the weather was getting colder at night, so I made sure we have soup for dinner when they all come home. There's always leftover food from the night before, which I sometimes eat for lunch the next day.

My daughter must be really starved, for she reheated the pot of soup from the night before while I was preparing the ingredients of what I have decided to cook. I decided to cook the easiest meal I could make, which was Sugar Snap Beans with Shrimps.

Took out the shrimps in a ziploc, open and run the warm water to defrost them, washed the snap peas and removed the endtips, heat my wok, put some oil, brown the garlic, add shrimps, snap peas, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, splash with chinese cooking wine and less than 10 minutes we had a delicious mouth watering Sweet Snap Peas with Shrimps!

The green colored snap peas against the pinkish orangy colored shrimps were laid on a white platter and I ask my daughter to take a pic before we took our first bite. Awed by the color contrast in the dish, she got her camera and took some shots.

Most of the time, after I finish cooking a dish, everyone is so tired and hungry that no one remembers to take photos. This time I insisted for the photos of my creation. After lunch, she uploaded the pics, emailed it to me and that's why this blogpage has a photo.

What to me was a surprise turned out to be a good lunch date, except it was at home and I had to cook the food. We talked about how her classes were going and she told me she had a lot of group projects going on. She asked how I was and what's going on with my biz and I told her about some estimates I have to work on and about an article I was blogging online "Staying in Business in a Competitive Market" at my new blogsite:, for Window Coverings Association of America, who requested all members to contribute an article for their newsletter.

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