Dinner: Crispy Calamare

Photos Taken by Ann Lodolini

Another surprise on a friday night. Friday nights are my free nights not to cook dinner. My children know this. We either eat dinner out, or if they don't get an invitation from me, they cook their own dinner.

Tonight my son, and his girlfriend, came home early and started playing in my kitchen. From my office where I was working, I could hear them planning for dinner. Is it the prawns (big shrimps) or the calamare (squid). The calamare won for I could hear the sizzling sound of the little guys with tentacles gettng deep fried in the fryer.

When I went out of my office to check on what they were up to, Ann was dredging the slices of squids with flour with her bare hands and Bernard was deep frying the battered squid pieces in the fryer being careful not to over overcook them.

Giving my share of the labor (of love), I made the sauce for the calamare dip out of soy sauce, sugar, honey, minced garlic, chopped cilantro, oyster sauce, worcestershire sauce, and pepper.

Dinner is once again one enjoyable and fun sharing moment for the family. Chow!

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